When I took my job at Iacono one of the first things I was asked to do was bring the brand closer to the times and streamline the icon they were using as a logo.

After a week or two a new look and feel emerged that better emphasized the companies friendly demeanor and creative nature.

We closed the “open circuit” of there logo, something that had bothered me from the first time I heard the icon called a circuit. When a circuit is open it doesn’t complete the transfer of energy, making for a broken line of power. By closing the circuit we were able to talk about the many parts of Iacono as one, something they couldn’t do before.

The plus side to this was we were able to integrate the logo in such a way that it became an asterisk, something that allowed us to inform the viewer of the mark there was more info to the shared. The complex nature of Iacono’s business means that they always have to explain what they do. We remedied that with this mark.